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AgrAbility Training Materials

The following factsheets, flyers, posters, and resources provide information to individuals with disabilities, professionals, stakeholders, and volunteers.


Accessible Gardening: Adaptive Tools & Gardening Techniques Handbook
This handbook contains information regarding accessible gardening, adaptive tools and gardening techniques. The following areas are covered:

  • Adaptive Gardening Resources
  • Check Yourself–When Do You Need to Change How You Garden?
  • Container and Raised Bed Gardening
  • Fist Grip Garden Tools–The Natural Way to Hold a Tool
  • Gardening Tips For People With Arthritis
  • Gardening Tips For The Wheelchair User
  • Gardening Tips For Seniors
  • Junior Gardening Tips
  • PETA FIST-GRIP ADD-On HANDLES–Brings comfort to everyday tasks
  • Raised Bed Construction
  • Repetitive Motion Injury
  • Screening Criteria For Common Injuries
  • The Fist Grip Line of Ergonomic Garden Tools
  • Tools For Easier Gardening

AgrAbility: Emergency Preparedness Guide for Farmers and Ranchers with Disabilities
This publication can be used by individuals or couples to record their vital information in one convenient location. It also can serve as a personal record of significant facts and their whereabouts.

An ADA Guide for Local Governments, Making Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Programs Accessible to People with Disabilities

Building a Sustainable Business, A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Business

Human Risk Management Realities and Resources: The Latino Labor Forces in Agriculture
This publication is a compilation of several PowerPoint presentations and other documents distributed at the workshops “Human Risk Management Realities and Resources: The Latino Labor Forces in Agriculture” that took place in various locations in Missouri. Speakers and presentations at the workshop discussed issues related to legal aspects of hiring and retaining Latino labor force, issues and challenges that may impact Latino workers' productivity, labor aspects, housing, disability, disability, health, and safety on the farm for Latino workers, and labor regulations.

Missouri's Sustainability Toolkit for Self Management Education Programs for People with Chronic Conditions
The purpose of this document is to guide Missouri providers of self-management education (SME) chronic conditions programs in efforts to assure high-quality services are available over the long-term. The development of sustainable operations does not occur by chance; rather, it involves strategy and planning to create the necessary organizational infrastructure and community support. This guide serves as a synthesis of practical experience and evidence-based strategies to help SME providers achieve sustainability. You will find 10 key planning areas crafted within this document: revenue, marketing, referral networking, competition, service operations, evaluation, organizational support, community support, advocacy and resource linkages. This document was guided by many individuals and organizations in partnership with the Missouri Arthritis Project.

Resources and Services for Minority Farmers and Ranchers
This publication is intended to be a guide for farmers, ranchers and future farmers about technical assistance programs and other resources available to them regardless of their gender or ethnic heritage. In this publication readers will find information about programs created by Lincoln University Cooperative Extension and University of Missouri Extension specifically to assist underserved audiences. Readers will also find information about federal and state programs and services for small farms or future farms across Missouri. Underserved populations, including minorities, women, nontraditional farmers and low-income applicants for agriculture-related services will find a diverse list of loans, grants and training opportunities.

Fact Sheets and Flyers

Adapted Controls for Tractors and Machinery

AgrAbility, A Program that Works!

AgrAbility, Missouri Programmatic Flyer

AgrAbility Posters

Ergonomic – Tools for Comfort

Ergo Seats

Farming with Arthritis – Tractor Simple Solutions

Power Point Presentations

What is the Missouri AgrAbility Project


The Missouri AgrAbility Project and this product is supported by funds from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) under Sponsor Project Number 2018-41590-22323.

Information is available in alternate formats upon request. Please call, 1-800-995-8503.

Missouri AgrAbility Project (MAP) Disclaimer:"The MAPs information comes from many sources, which are responsible for their accuracy and utility. Information accessed through the MAP does not imply endorsement. Questions regarding specific information should be directed to their respective sources."

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