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The Missouri AgrAbility Project at the University of Missouri offers the Tools for Horticulture video series to Missourians. Participants will learn about the safe use and maintenance of more than 80 hand tools which are essential to the diverse nature of today's horticultural projects. Check out the Tools for Horticulture series by calling, 1.800.995.8503.

Safety, Design & Selection of Hand Tools, DVD 24 minutes
This introductory video introduces the necessity and advantages of horticultural hand tools. Safety is presented as an aspect of tool design, as well as a system of protective equipment and procedures which reduce the likelihood of injury while using hand tools. This video also shows correct body posture and how ergonomics can improve work efficiency, reduce physical stress on the body, and thereby protect the long-term health of people working with hand tools.

Hand Tools for Digging, Weeding & Cultivation, DVD 26 minutes
This video presents over thirty manually-powered implements designed for turning, scraping, scooping, boring and tilling the soil. The first section of volume two of the video demonstrates the safe use and proper techniques required for the use of a variety of diggers, shovels, picks, and forks. The second section of the video shows the methods and maintenance of hand tools designed for weeding and cultivation.

Landscaping, Planting & Watering Tools, DVD 25 minutes
This third video in the series covers the wide array of hand tools used for landscape development and the installation of plant materials, as well as the equipment needed for efficient water distribution. Post drivers, sledge hammers, wheelbarrows and dirt tamps are just some of the more than 20 tools covered in this volume. The second section of this video demonstrates the different tools used for sowing seeds, setting bulbs and planting containerized plants. The last section of video three presents the tools and techniques for manual watering and fertilizing systems. The care and repair of watering equipment is included with a sprinkling of manufacturing trivia.

Hand Tools for Pruning & Cutting and Hand Tools For Grooming & Curb Appeal, DVD, 25 minutes
The last video in this series concludes the "Tools for Horticulture" series with the sections titles "Hand Tools for Pruning and Cutting" and "Hand Tools for Grooming and Curb Appeal". The first section of this video handles the extensive topic of pruning and cutting tools. Pruning saws, loppers, hand pruners and hedge shears are just a few of the 30+ tools presented in this volume. The final section of this video in the series contains a sweeping collection of the hand tools needed for cleaning up after landscape projects and maintaining gardens of all sizes. Rakes, brooms and forks are demonstrated by professionals who show the audience how to pay special attention to detail.


The Missouri AgrAbility Project and this product is supported by funds from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) under Sponsor Project Number 2018-41590-22323.

Information is available in alternate formats upon request. Please call, 1-800-995-8503.

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