Adapting garden tools is the cheapest way to modify your tools. It doesn't necessarily involve the purchase of any new tools and is especially useful if you have a particular tool that you truly enjoy using, but are not able to use lately due to disability. Almost anything can become an adapted tool. Below you will find some tips and tricks on how to create your own adapted tools. But don't let your imagination stop there, be creative!

Seeding and Planting Tips

  • Use a length of PVC pipe and a funnel to plant larger seeds
  • Place small seeds in a spice jar and sprinkle them onto the garden
  • Consider purchasing a special seeder, such as a Sow Easy Seed Sower
  • Put seeds into gelatin blocks and then drop them on the ground, the heat of the sun will melt the gelatin leaving the seeds behind to grow


  • Use baseball tape wound around the handle of your tool to create a larger surface area to grip
  • Create a PVC pipe handle by heating an appropriate length and diameter piece of PVC pipe to 235 degrees in the oven **BE CAREFUL: the PVC will be hot**. Slide the pipe onto the handle of your tool and gently squeeze to create a firm grip.
  • Purchase bicycle grips and slide onto the ends of tool handles
  • Use foam pieces to enlarge the size of the handles on tools

Adapted Garden Tools
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