Garden Pathways

Garden pathways are one of the most important portions of the garden. Pathways provide an easy way in and out of the garden and also increase the beauty of your garden. Garden pathways can be made out of almost any material, depending upon who will be using the pathway most often. It is up to you to decide which pathway surface will be most efficient for your needs. Whatever surface you choose, there are some important points to remember when constructing your pathway:
  • Paths should be firm, level and smooth.
  • Paths, ramps and other grades should not exceed a 5 percent rise in elevation.
  • Paths should be of an accessible width for someone in a wheelchair or using the assistance of a walker to easily turn around.
  • There should be a clear beginning and end to your pathway.
  • Use appropriate edging to indicate the borders of your path.
  • Use textured surfaces for better traction.
  • Use contrasting colors and textures to increase visibility of your pathway.
  • Consider the lighting around your path and if needed, install garden lights to aid in visibility.
  • Place seating areas along your pathway for rest breaks.
  • Be sure there is ample drainage off your pathway.

Hard Pathway Surfaces
Soft Pathway Surfaces