Raised Bed Gardening

Construction Materials


Advantages Disadvantages
Wood Easiest material to work with; fits well esthetically into any environment. Treated wood can contain chemicals that can damage plants; can be expensive; tends to rot.
Stone Blends well into most environments; large selection available May need contractor to construct wall due to weight and skill needed; usually permanent; can be abrasive.
Concrete Very adaptable; can be pre-molded or poured on site; colors and textures can be blended well into urban environments. Must have appropriate foundation; pouring may require a contractor; can be abrasive.
Cinder Blocks Relatively easy to work with; cheap; holes are adaptable as planters. Not very appealing esthetically; large and bulky; soil dries rapidly and requires frequent watering.
Bricks Can be most esthetically pleasing of all materials; available in variety of colors. Brick-layer may be needed to construct bed; expensive; tend to be permanent.
Salvage Cheap; possibly free. Can be abrasive; safety issues.
Terra Cotta Very attractive; can be inexpensive; smooth surfaces tend to be less abrasive Tends to be very heavy.