Transporting Garden Tools

Gardening can be a very enjoyable activity for persons of all abilities but if you are too tired to garden after hauling your tools around, the enjoyment you would get from it becomes a chore. Garden tools can be heavy as well as bulky, but there are solutions, which will allow you to transport your garden tools safely and easily and still have enough energy left to work in your garden. The following are some ideas for ways to transport your tools, but be creative and find whatever works best for your needs and abilities:
  • Use an old golf bag with wheels on it to carry long handled tools.
  • Find a small canvas bag to carry hand tools.
  • Purchase a sled and pull tools along.
  • Make use of a wheelbarrow to transport fertilizer and soil.
  • Use a wagon to pull tools to gardening locations.
  • Place a decorative mailbox in your garden and store tools there, out of the rain.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if an object is too heavy or too cumbersome for you to lift.
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