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Fifth level
Round One should contain one “Daily Double” question.  To insert the “Daily Double Screen”, follow these steps:
1.  Select the desired button on this slide by clicking on it.
3.  Make a note of which slide the HYPERLINK is currently set to.
4.  In the “Action Settings” dialogue box, change the HYPERLINK to “Daily Double Round 1”. 
5.  Click OK
6.  Now go to Slide “Daily Double Round 1”  in this presentation, and follow the directions in the “Notes” section
To Complete the Daily Double Sequence for Round One:
1.Click on any blue area on the slide that is currently displayed 
2.Click on  Slide Show è Action Settings
3.The Action Settings Dialog Box will be displayed. 
You will see that the HYPERLINK is currently set to “Slide 8”
4.Change the HYPERLINK so that it is set to the slide number you made note of previously
5.Click OK until the Action Settings Dialog Box disappears
7.Return to Slide 8 and select View è Slide Show.
8.Test your Daily Double button to make sure it works as you wish it to.