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Note: Most of the fact sheets are available as a PDF file. To access the PDF file, click on the "PDF Icon" after the title.  That will open up Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader and/or want more information about PDF files, see the PDF help page. Link button to get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Agricultural Safety Tips & Ideas
Agricultural Safety Fact Sheets

Awareness on the Silent Killer Radon Gas  pdf file  

Chain Saw Safety Tips   pdf file  

Challenges for the Women on the Farm   pdf file

Preventing Electrical Fires on the Farm   pdf file  

Preventing Flammable Liquid and Gasoline Fires on the Farm   pdf file  

Safe PTO Operation   pdf file

Safety Tips for the Hay Season  pdf file

Senior Farmers at Risk on the Farm   pdf file

Workshop Safety   pdf file

Home and Family Safety Tips & Ideas
Age Appropriate Activities for Children   pdf file

Basic Senior Safety   pdf file

Before You Go   pdf file

Family Health and Safety Tips for the Summer   pdf file  

Poison Fact Sheet   pdf file

Portable Kerosene Heaters: Safety Considerations   pdf file

Preventing Dog Bites   pdf file

School Bus Safety for Children   pdf file

Lawn and Garden Safety Tips & Ideas
Lawn and Garden Safety  pdf file

Accessible Gardening
Accessible Garden Books and Booklets   pdf file

Assessing Your Gardening Abilities   pdf file

Basic Principles of Prevention of Repetitive Motion Issues   pdf file

Container Gardens   pdf file

Easy Tips to Modify Garden Tools for Gardeners with Back Problems   pdf file

Garden Links   pdf file

Garden Pathways   pdf file

Garden Tools   pdf file

Gardening for Kids with Disabilities   pdf file

Gardening for People with Heart and Lung Problems   pdf file

Gardening Techniques for Visually Impaired   pdf file

Gardening with Arthritis   pdf file

Get a Better Grip on Your Tools   pdf file

Health and Safety Tips for Gardeners with Disabilities   pdf file

Raised Bed Gardening   pdf file

Raised Bed Gardening Construction Materials   pdf file

Raised Bed Gardening Standards   pdf file

Raised Bed Gardening Types   pdf file

Tips and Techniques for the Senior Gardener   pdf file

Tips for Easier Gardening   pdf file

Tips for Gardeners who Use Wheelchairs   pdf file

Transporting Garden Tools   pdf file

Trellis Gardening   pdf file

Watering Tips   pdf file

Outdoor Safety Tips & Ideas
Drowning Prevention   pdf file
Slip Trip Fall   pdf file

Rural Sports Safety Tips & Ideas
Sled Safety Tips   pdf file
Bicycle Safety    pdf file

Ice Skating Safety Tips   pdf file

Swimming Safety    pdf file

Seasons of Safety Tips & Ideas
Cold Weather Safety   pdf file
Coping with the Grief During the Holiday   pdf file

Disability and Rural Living   pdf file

Holiday Safety   pdf file

Hot Weather Safety   pdf file

Making Halloween Safe, Not Scary   pdf file

Outside Winter Safety   pdf file

Skin Cancer Prevention   pdf file

Seasonal Safety Tips   pdf file

Summer Heat Safety Fact Sheet   pdf file

Sun Exposure Safety  pdf file

Sun Safety Fact Sheet  pdf file

Winter Safety Tips  pdf file

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