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The MU Agricultural Guide series for Safety and Health are listed below. You can view different MU Guide series by going to XPLOR

Farm Structures
G1020 - Lightning Protection for Missouri Farms and Homes

Livestock Equipment
G1191 - Selecting Wire Fencing Materials

G1192 - Constructing Wire Fences

Farm Machinery and Equipment
G1250 - Large Round Balers

G1270 - Calibrating Field Sprayers

G1272 - Sprayer Calibration: Spray Mix Calculations

G1273 - Calibrating Granular Pesticide Applicators

G1406 - Preventing Shocks to Cows in Milking Parlors

G1408 - Electric Heat Cables for Farm and Home Use

G1409 - Is Your Wiring System Safe and Energy Efficient?

G1730 - Wood Stoves and Their Installation

G1731 - Wood Stove Maintenance and Operation

G1732 - Chimneys for Wood Stoves

G1733 - Catalytic Combustors for Wood Burning Stoves and Furnaces

G1734 - Wood Burning Inserts for Fireplaces

G1735 - Cleaning Stovepipes and Chimneys

G1770 - Replacing Wall Switches and Receptacles

G1905 - Is Your Family Prepared for an Earthquake?

G1907 - Residential Fire Detection

G1908 - Fires in Agricultural Chemicals

G1913 - Understanding the Material Safety Data Sheet

G1914 - Laundering Pesticide-Contaminated Clothing

G1915 - Pesticide Poisoning Symptoms and First Aid

G1916 - Pesticide Application Safety

G1917 - Personal Protective Equipment for Working With Pesticides

G1918 - Homeowner Chemical Safety

G1920 - Using Agricultural Anhydrous Ammonia Safely

G1931 - Animal Handling Safety Considerations

G1932 - Portable Ladder Safety

G1933 - Chipper-Shredders

G1934 - How to Prevent Electrical Accidents

G1935 - How to Protect Yourself From Respiratory Hazards

G1936 - All-Terrain Vehicles

G1950 - Responding to Farm Accidents

G1955 - Large Round Bales: Management

G1957 - Large Round Bales: Safety

G1958 - Felling, Bucking and Limbing Trees

G1959 - Basic Chain Saw Safety and Use

G1960 - Safe Tractor Operation

G1961 - Agriculture and the Occupational Safety and Health Act

G1962 - Noise: The Invisible Hazard

G1965 - Agricultural Hand Signals

G1966 - Skin Cancer: Don't Let the Sun Spot You

G1968 - Radon: An Indoor Health Hazard?

G1969 - Safe Storage and Handling of Grain

MX386 - Anhydrous Ammonia Safety: What is Anhydrous Ammonia?

NR10 - Farm Rescue: Responding to Incidents and Emergencies in Agricultural Settings

G1999 - Unvented Portable Kerosene Heaters - Safety Considerations

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